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4 party tips that make or break your gathering.

Planning a party? Congratulations, you now know it can be a bit overwhelming. These 4 simple rules will help you save money, and have a memorable party.

#1-Realize that you can’t please everyone
Beer and Wine only? Maybe a smart move.

You will never accommodate everyone’s taste. Begin by buying the most common alcohol at every party; beer and wine. If you want to offer a variety of each, just make sure you like the least expensive beer and wine youre buying, because that is what you are going to be stuck with at the end of the party. People tend to drink the “top shelf” of everything they get their hands on. When a premium alcohol is available, that’s the first to go. But who can blame them, we all do it. Keep this in mind when purchasing. Our suggestion: stick with domestic. If you want to go premium on beer and wine, (or anything for that matter) make sure that particular option is the bulk of what you are buying.

#2-Spice things up with a theme!

Pick a simple theme for your party based around the drinks you choose. If you are having a birthday party, create a “birthday bash” drink that will have everyone raving! Quick tip: Create a signature drink “Susan’s birthday chocolate martini” Stick to 1 or 2 signature drinks. Couple that with beer and wine, and you are creating a great party for an inexpensive price.

#3 Party Blunders

No TV.
Unless this party is based around TV (like a superbowl party), there is really no need for the TV to be on in the background. You may believe this adds a more impressive setting, but it turns out to be a fun stopper. People go to parties to mingle and socialize, not watch TV. Humans are wired to look at moving objects, so you don’t want the guests remembering who won American Idol; they can watch that at home. Guests will commonly lean on TV’s as a social crutch. When was the last time you saw a TV in the kitchen? See what we mean?

No Games
I.e. Drinking games, board games, or anything else that may exclude others. Games can certainly be fun at smaller parties (under 15) because everyone can be included. However, anymore guests than 15, and you’re sure to exclude someone from the fun. If it’s a larger party, people playing games are cut off from the party atmosphere. We want people to remember the party, not there win in Pictionary.  

#4 Music in the background

Prepare a designated playlist or Pandora station in the background. You don’t need to be fumbling with controls at your party. Try and pick popular hits or something similar depending on the atmosphere you are trying to create.You want to create background noise everyone can hear but can still converse. Quick tip: the more people, the louder the music

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