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2 Interactive Calculators
Multiple calculators:
Proprietary Calculators originally created by Elite Private Bartender CEO. Elite has staffed over 1000 events.
Instructs you how to save money.
We tell you the best place to buy your bar supplies. Where can I get the best deals?
Total Cost of bar set up.
Cost of all alcohol, fruit, ice, mixers, and misc items. Totals automatically adjust to your guest count. 
Alcohol Guide to explain formulas. 

7 Different Alcohol Guides 
*Three secret bar tips for any gathering. Learn how to control consumption, what's better (and cheaper) than coolers,  Signature drink guide.
*Party do's and don'ts guide
3. Complete Wedding bar guide. 
4. Business party guide.
5. And 3 other guides to help make sure you special day is a huge success!

Calculate all supplies and beverages needed for your occasion!!!
Enter you guest count, and instantly your alcohol and supply purchase list.
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