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How much Alcohol should I buy for my Wedding? 

When considering how much alcohol to buy for your wedding there are 3 factors to consider.

Guest Count
Family History and Friend Type
Budget - Ways to save on wedding bars.

Guest Count:

This is by far the most important aspect when determining alcohol budget. Beer and wine only is certainly an option, but many don't realize it's not much more to add some mixed drinks. Start with you beer and wine, and then go from there. The average wedding is around 125 people, so we will start under this assumption. Remember this is for the alcoholic drinks only, and you'll probably need staff and deliver too. Of course the main point is the fewer drinkers you have, the more money you will save.

Family History and Friend Type

If your family is known for drinking high end liquor, then your cost will certainly increase. The "type" really means how much alcohol your friends and family will drink. If you have a large group of friends from your college, you should make adjustments in your budget accordingly. General rule is, the younger the crowd, the more alcohol you will need. In contrast, if it is a small wedding with family who are not big drinkers, then you should plan accordingly and not be worried about running out.

How to save money in your wedding.

Cost Per Person-
If you are very savvy alcohol purchaser (which we hope to help with), you may be able to get your per person drink cost to around 4 dollars. Yes that's it!!! DO NOT use this number for your budget. "Your eyes are bigger than your stomach" always prevails without proper discipline and control. If you wanted us to ballpark it for you (without following our advice) then I would say closer to 15-25 per person depending on your choices.

Willing to put in some work at your wedding? It could save you a few hundred dollars.
The more you do, the less expensive it becomes. Hire a bartender company and pick up the alcohol, ice and supplies yourself. With simple planning you can shave off a lot of money. Get the groomsmen to chip in each with their own task, and you'll probably save thousands. 

Choose a vendor which allows you to bring your own alcohol. 
We realize all inclusive wedding packages can be attractive, but can cost you thousands more than hiring a few extra vendors yourself. By having the freedom to choose your vendors, you are able to save tremendously. Quick tip: domestic beer and 1.5 liter wine bottles can save you hundreds of dollars.

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