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1.Insurance / License / Certifications
3.Alcohol Cost

Insurance / License / Certifications
Understandably, corporate employees and even corporate planners get this confused. This is very complicated, but hopefully we will clear the air and alleviate concerns.

A. Insurance. You must have insurance for your party; specifically liquor liability for any party serving alcohol. Insurance is the most incorrectly interchanged requirement. If you are having a private party, i.e. customer appreciation, grand opening, holiday party, etc... You must have liquor liability to make sure you are covered. If there is one thing to remember when serving alcohol, this is it.  

B. License. Liquor License- Likely, you don't need one. 99% of the time not needed. Unless you are having a large public event, you do not need to have a liquor license. Think "public concerts" and open spaces where alcohol is being served and patrons are charged per drink. Generally speaking, (but not always) you do not need an Alcohol License if the drinks are free.  

C. Certifications. Except in a very select few states, a bartender certification or "license" is NOT required. This is purely a marketing ploy for bartender schools to "train" bartenders for a fee. After completing the course they issue a certificate (not a license). Although contrary to popular belief, it is actually a myth that it is required by any law. There is no substitute for experience. 

Staff for your party
Make sure you hire the properly insured bartender or staff company. They should provide an insurance certificate upfront. Make sure you ask for proof. You are looking for liquor liability. If the hired company does not possess liquor liability, then you might be the one in court. This is mainly to protect the party from a drunk at your party killing someone on his/her way home. Sorry for being blunt; but the staffing company's insurance protects you from these unfortunate incidences. It is for these reasons, that an insured staff is so important.

Not surprising, most don’t know exactly what to buy for their party. Unless one of your staff used to own a bar in the past, you'll probably need some help. You can now purchase the full alcohol guide and interactive calculator here on our website. We also provide a more in depth explanation of some of the points mentioned above. This is designed by private bartender staffing companies and corporate planners to ensure you will buy everything you need.

We hope this helps and thank you for reading!


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3 things you must know when serving alcohol: Corporate.